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Push Lock Necklace Chains

Push Lock Necklace Chains

PriceFrom $598.00

The Push Lock Necklace Collection has rare oversized jump rings at each end, intended to be used with the push lock clasps to secure and add dimension when worn with just the push lock, or add charms!

All necklaces are 20" long with the exception of the Curb

Large Paperclip-  3.8MM links. 5.98G 

Small Paperclip-  2.5MM links. 6.77G 

Rolo- 3.75MM links. 6.99G 

Curb- 2.77MM links. 7.09G  18" long

50/50 Paperclip- One side is large paperclip links, one side is small paperclip links. 6.26G 

50/50 Paperclip/Curb- One side is curb links, one side is paperclip links. 3.91G 


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