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Crown Set Tennis Necklaces *Various Sizes

Crown Set Tennis Necklaces *Various Sizes

PriceFrom $3,200.00

Crown set diamond tennis necklaces available in 6 different total carat weights. The crown setting refers to the design of each link that each diamond is set in. A crown setting sets the diamond atop a setting that looks just like a crown, also referred to as a buttercup setting. This setting style shows off each diamond's round shape. 


When choosing a tennis necklace, you have the option of a set 16" length or an adjustable length. This is a 12.5" length with a 14K matching chain extender, making the necklace a "Multiway" style. Mutliway allows for you to wear the necklace at different lengths by clasping it on different links of the extender, as well as to wrap it twice around your wrist and wear it as a double wrapped tennis bracelet. 

*Please note- unless otherwise notified by TKC, your carat weight will be slightly reduced if your necklace is a Multiway style. 


All tennis necklaces and bracelets may be withing 1/15th carat +/- listed weight. 


Available Carat Weights

  • 2.25 CTW
  • 3 CTW
  • 4 CTW
  • 5 CTW
  • 6.75 CTW
  • 10 CTW

*Additional Carat Weights available upon request

  • Return Policy

    Returns are accepted within 5 days of reciept of item. Tags must be in origional placement and item can show no sign of wear. Returns are not accepted on any Multiway styles as they are altered from their origional length. 

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