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Hey there

The Karat Concierge here... Jodi Reynolds. I'm a wife and mom of twin boys in Austin, Texas. 

I'm OBSESSED with diamonds and gemstones and have always believed that fine jewelry is an investment, so you should be gifted pieces you LOVE and LOVE pieces you have. 

What does that mean? I work with spouses to help gift fine jewelry that their significant other will love. 

After we got married, we sat down with our jeweler and I built a "wish list" of things that I love, told him things I don't like, he measured my ring and wrist sizes, etc. 4 years later I received 4/5 of those items as gifts from my husband. Why? Because the jeweler made it so easy for my husband. He got in touch with him around important holidays and did all of the leg work. I promise you I wouldn't have received any gifts if he hadn't done that. 

I will do that for you. 

I will sit down with you and your spouse and find out what YOU would really like and take the work and pressure off the gift giver.


I have also always believed that if you own jewelry, you should wear it... all of the time... I am constantly telling people- if you don't wear it, make it into something you will wear!

Enter The Karat Concierge. I enrolled at the most prestigious Diamond and Gemstone school, the GIA Institute and opened The Karat Concierge. 


facts about me


My other home is Watercolor, Florida


I have my MBA

Masters of Business Administration and I used to negotiate hospital contracts for a medical company


My favorite holiday is Mother's Day

(but my husband tells me that doesn't count) so... My favorite holiday is July 4th



 Stone shape: Pear

Colored Stone: Sapphire

my favorite photos...

2020 perlas lights
2020 austin postcard

xo Jodi

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